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benvenuti a Venezia

Day 2: Welcome to Venice, Italy

I arrived at the Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) this morning and rather than taking a (regular) taxi I took the more traditional method of transportation, a water taxi. Water taxis, or Alilaguna boats are €27 round-trip from the airport to the Rialto stop where my Airbnb was located. P.s. all of the photos I've taken have been taken with my iPhone, I wish I hadn't brought my camera!

Alilaguna Boat from VCE Airport to Rialto. Luggage on top, travelers inside.

I arrived to Rialto located in the neighborhood of San Marco. I came to learn that nothing is more confusing than the streets in Venice. I "Google mapped" the Airbnb address and ended up getting lost (the good kind of lost). I snapped a few photos on the way.

My Apartment on Ramo Coppo

The Grand Canal

St. Mark's Basilica

Fun fact: St. Mark was the author of one of the Gospels. Eight centuries after his death, the Doge family built this church over Mark's bones and made him the patron saint of the city.

One of the most beautiful church's I've seen. Photographs are not allowed on the inside, but of course I was able to secretly snap a few. I lit a candle (left photo) and said a prayer. I bought my grandma a rosary made of Murano glass (Italy's famous glass) blessed by the priest.

Doge's Palace & Piazza San MarcoVenetians Gothic, Arches & Medallions

The Water Front by Piazza San Marco

Harry's Bar

Fun Fact: Hemingway put this bar on the map by making it his hangout in the 1940s. If Brad & Angelina are in town, this is where they'll be. Also, this is where the Bellini was invented, it was delicious! The handmade spinach and cheese ravioli was to die for, literally it was 44 euro.

San Moise Church

The parish church for St. Mark's, this is where the community actually worships due to the tourism at St. Mark's

Gran Teatro alla France a.k.a La Fenice Opera House built in 1792

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

Built in 1499, the Scala is a brick tower with five floors of spiral staircases with marble banisters. It was the external staircase of a palace. I payed 6 euro and climbed to the top!

The Statue of Daniele Manin

Venice's leader in the battle for freedom from Austria. His status faces the red house he lived in!

The Rialto Bridge

1 of the 4 bridges that crosses the Grand Canal! This bridge is FULL of people. Think of it as the Times Square of Venice.

View from the top of the bridge --

After doing a little souvenir shopping I stopped back at the apartment for some down time. I came back to view the sunset from the Rialto Bridge and I was not disappointed.

Until tomorrow,

xo -Erika

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No doubt , you are having fun !!!

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